The V2 Long Sleeve Rashguard is perfect for NO GI training, competition, Mixed martials arts or general sportswear.

Sized from XS to XXL the V2 is specially designed from the ground up to be unisex and for youths right up to adults.
The special V panels in the front and the back aid with movement & compression when you are grappling or  simply training.
The long sleeves and durable material protects you from scrapes, scratches and mat burn but most importantly keeps you comfortable!
All graphics are printed with high quality sublimation printing which means the graphics will not peel or crack.

*The rashguard is designed to be compression wear and is preferably worn skin-tight so if you prefer yours a little looser please order 1 size larger than you normally would.




V2 Long Sleeve NO GI / MMA Rashguard