SOLDIER MK2 BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Kimono / Gi by Battle Gear


This is the Mark 2 (MK2 / 2nd) version of the super popular SOLDIER gi which was also our 1st ever design in 2012.


The SOLDIER gi was designed from ground up to be one tough gi made with premium materials but to be retailed for an affordable price. This sentiment has most definitely been passed on to the MK2 version.


However taking on board the lessons learnt along the way and listening to our customers, the SOLDIER MK2 has been suped up, improved and reinforced in cut, materials and design.


Black contrast stitching only on the Lapel, wrist and ankles White lightweight yet tough pearl weave top with black trims, soft cotton trousers reinforced at all stress points with high reinforced knees and shins for toughness and comfort all in one. All Battle Gear logos are luxuriously embroided.


An all purpose Kimono for training or competitions. (IBJJF legal)



-450 gsm lightweight soft Pearl Weave Top  

-Thick Vulcanised rubber lapel  

-100% cotton trousers with reinforced knees and thick cord tie  

- Tapered Fit  

- All stress points reinforced for extra durability

-Competition legal cut and design

-Unisex design and cut starting from size A0  

- Belt sold seperately    



A0 (4'9"-5'2") (150cm - 160cm)  

A1 (5'2"-5'6") (160cm - 170cm)  

A2 (5'6"-5'9") (170cm - 179cm)  

A3 (5'9"-6'2") (180cm - 190cm)  

A4 (6'2"-6'6") (190cm - 200cm)  

A5 (6'6"-6'9") (200cm - 210cm)


*For European orders, a quote will be emailed to you after you place the order. The shipping charges will be based on country and total weight of the order Approx Postage charges for 1 set to: Europe  -£15 - £20

SOLDIER MK2 BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Kimono / Gi