PROGRESSIVE series Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimono / Gi by Battle Gear.


This is made from the same materials and to the same standards as the Adult gis so that the young warrior can learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the fullest with no compromise!


The PROGRESSIVE logos are luxuriously embroidered on the arms to reflect, remind and inspire with the belt ranks colours for Kids and Youths.

Yellow contrast stitching with red and orange detailing.


-380 gsm Light weight, soft Pearl Weave Top

-Thick Vulcanised rubber lapel

-100% cotton trousers with reinforced knees and thick cord tie

- All stress points reinforced for extra durability

- Belt not included



K0 - (Up to 115cm) (up 3'9 ft )

K1 - (115cm - 125cm) (3'9 to 4'1 ft)

K2 - (125cm - 135cm) (4'1 to 4'5 ft)

K3 - (135cm - 145cm) (4'5 to 4'9 ft)

K4 - (145cm - 158cm) (4'9 to 5'2 ft)

K5 - (150cm - 155cm) (4.9 to 5.1 ft)



PROGRESSIVE Blue Kids Kimono / Gi by Battle Gear