Designed from scratch with the modern BJJ practioner in mind Specifically for the competitor or the BJJ travelor!


Competitor -

-Ultra lightweight to help get you in the right category for you.

-Design and cut are both IBJJF legal.


Travel -

-Ultra Lightweight so that you can pack more of your other stuff.

-As the material is light it is also thinner then the usual pearlweave that we normally use. This is so that the gi can also pack smaller and save space.

- Design is sharp yet simple to stay respectful to the other academies and teams you might visit Green contrast stitching on white ultra lightweight yet tough pearl weave top, soft cotton trousers reinforced at all stress points with our reinforced knees and shins for toughness and comfort all in one.


* Please do note that as this gi is of a thinner material it is not designed to be as tough as our other gis and is not reccommended for really hard and constant use.

* All Battle Gear logos are luxuriously embroided with the Characters for Jiu Jitsu on the back of the neck.



-350 gsm Ultra lightweight soft Pearl Weave Top  

-Thick Vulcanised rubber lapel

 -100% cotton trousers with reinforced knees and thick cord tie  

- Tapered Fit  

- All stress points reinforced for durability  

- Belt sold seperately    



A0 (4'9"-5'2") (150cm - 160cm)

 A1 (5'2"-5'6") (160cm - 170cm)  

A2 (5'6"-5'9") (170cm - 179cm)  

A3 (5'9"-6'2") (180cm - 190cm)  

A4 (6'2"-6'6") (190cm - 200cm)

 A5 (6'6"-6'9") (200cm - 210cm)


Approx Weight

A0 - 1.3kg

A1 - 1.38kg

A2 - 1.48kg

A3 - 1.62kg

A4 - 1.7kg

A5 - 1.78kg



ADVANTAGE BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Kimono / Gi